Bohol Bee Farm

I’ve read a lot of good feedback about the organic food at Bohol Bee Farm, and nothing much about the “bee farm” itself hehe!    But that’s okay, I don’t think I’ll enjoy the farm tour too because by the time we got there it’s past lunch and we’re hungry so all we could think of was food!

Without much ado, let me show you what we had and my usual satisfaction rating (with 5 being the highest, and 1 the lowest):

Squash Bread – 5/5This was served with pesto and mango dips (not in picture).   The bread was freshly baked with lots of squash seeds!

Pesto Pasta – 2/5.   I actually liked the “mild” pesto flavor of this one and that it’s not too oily but the penne noodles were obviously undercooked, and some are really hard to bite into.

Vegetarian Pizza – 3/5.    This is very Pinoy with okra, patola, sitaw and kangkong as vegetable toppings.   It’s good and I think those who loves okra (that does not include me hehe) will love this “novel” pizza.

Seafood Pizza – 4/5.  Almost perfect but I didn’t like the fish that they put in here.   It was salty and just didn’t blend well with the rest of the seafood toppings (shrimps and squid slices).

Seafood Pasta – 5/5.   Perfect, flavorful, with al dente pasta and comes in generous serving.     Will gladly have this again.

After having our lunch we went around the place for a little sightseeing.

I very much wanted  to buy some of these woven baskets and mats but the shops were closed that day:

There were production greenhouses too but some are in open areas like this one:

Which reminds me, my iced tea was infused with tarragon leaves extract.  It was surprisingly good.  It has a mint-like, refreshing flavor.

Bohol Bee Farm is actually a bed and breakfast hotel, and guests can have free use of the pool inside (which also serves as the breakfast area).

We also checked out their souvenir shop, which is stocked with mostly food products.  These flavored tea bags looked interesting but I found them a bit expensive at P160 per dozen(?) and not a box of tea bags:

There were little corners like one around the bee farm – perfect for reading books or simply to rest and relax:

We were supposed to try the equally famous ice cream there but AJ and I were still feeling full from our lunch (even after walking around) and so we skipped it.  Juvvy, my sis-in-law, got herself one and I think she liked it.  It was gone by the time we left hehe!

We’d love to go back here for an overnight stay at one of their villas or suites.  I actually wished we were booked here instead of the one that my brother was able to get (more on that later).  The food are all interesting too (and affordable, really!), and since it’s not everyday that we get to eat organic (and therefore 100% healthy) food, we went back here the following day for our lunch! (how’s that for a record)

That second feast deserves another post.   We enjoyed our food better the following day (maybe because we knew what to order this time haha!).   And although we chose not to try the flavors of a true Boholano cuisine, the foods at Bohol Bee Farm are more than enough to make our trip memorable. =)

Bohol Bee Farm is located at Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol.


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