Steamed Fish Dory

We couldn’t wait to use our Saladmaster cookware so AJ and I stopped at the grocery yesterday to buy the ingredients for our dinner that night.    We liked the steamed fish dory that we sampled at the Saladmaster dinner we booked for my godmother/aunt the night before, so we decided to make that.

This no-fuss recipe is so easy to do and I calculated the cooking time to be just over 5 minutes using the 4qt saucepan that we bought and using medium-to-low heat.

The ingredients:

  • Fish Dory (about 3 pieces, sliced into 2)
  • Taiwan Pechay
  • Ginger
  • Light Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Rice Wine (for added flavor)
  • Leeks

And now for the easy steps…

Arrange the Taiwan Petchay in the Saladmaster saucepan.

Place the fish dory on top of this bed of petchay.

Add in the ginger, leeks, light soy sauce (we put about 4 tablespoon of this), sesame oil (about 1/2 teaspoon) and rice wine (1 teaspoon).     We also placed some petchay leaves on top of the marinated fish:

Cover the Saladmaster saucepan and let it do its job.      The vapo valve will make a tapping movement and will release a steam when the food is already cooked.  When we heard the first tapping movements of the vapo valve, we then reduced the heat of the stove top to low.

This is what we got after just over 5 minutes:

It smelled really great!  And all fish dory pieces were evenly cooked even though we may have placed one over the other hehe!

It was so good we finished almost everything!   The fish was tender and the sauce was heaven!   I think we got our measurements right with our first try and will definitely stick to that when we repeat this dish.

You can add more ginger if you prefer your steamed fish to have more kick.   But I like ours to be mildly strong but flavorful, so we added more leeks instead of ginger.

Do try this dish.    We are very happy with this one and it’s definitely worth having again!

P.S.  I have just created a new folder for The Bright Spot, aptly labeled  Saladmaster Recipes, and will contain all the recipes that we will be able to make using our  Saladmaster cookware.    I hope Saladmaster users will find this helpful   =)     I’ll be glad to hear from you too!


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  1. kirs says

    We have a Saladmaster starter set and can’t wait to use them too! But is this with the electric skillet or just a regular saucepan? I’m looking for a way to steam the fish using the saladmaster saucepans we have. But I remember during demo that the steaming of the fish was with the electric skillet.

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