Gold Rings

When I started my jewelry collection I was buying more rings than earrings or bracelets.   Although I never wear more than 2 rings at a time (not stacked but worn individually), I went on to buy more than what my fingers could wear hehe.

My first purchases were those in white gold with moissanite stones, then I went on to buy some with yellow gold and real diamonds.  I have sold some of my rings (including one with beautiful rose-cut diamonds) and is presently left with 5 yellow gold rings that I seldom wear now too:

The 3 rings on the left were bought from my suking alahera, while the 2 on the right were passed on to me by my mom (thanks mommy!).

The first diamond ring I purchased was this solitaire ring with 3 small stones at one side.   I love it so much that I continued to wear it even after AJ has given me my engagement ring hehe!   In fact, most of my friends and officemates thought I was already engaged when they saw this ring on my finger   =)

Then I fell in love with eternity rings and invested in this half-eternity ring with old-cut diamonds.   Not rose-cut, mind.  They call it brilyantitos and they have bits of carbon inside.   I love their chunky sizes and imperfections.  I know they will not be as much valuable as the other cuts of diamonds (like princess cut or marquise) but still I am very happy with this ring and I think I will never part with this one.

The last gold ring I bought (before I got married) was this full eternity ring in a mix of yellow and white gold.  The band is in yellow gold but the prongs holding the small diamonds were of white gold.  Now why such a thin band, if you may ask.   I planned on having stackable rings like this one from Tiffany & Co. but later forgot about it hehe.

While I prefer rings with thin widths, my mom prefers otherwise, as could be seen in the 2 rings she gave me.   Both are really lovely: one is a rose-colored gold ring with a very nice fleur-de-lis design and another ring with blue sapphires and platinum as its inner band.

Nowadays I wear only my engagement and wedding rings but once in a while I check on these rings.   There have been times when I planned on re-designing some of them but I can’t seem to find the perfect design for me, and then I look at them again and see how perfect they are already.   So here they are, nicely tucked away in my jewelry box, waiting for that occasion when they would be worn again.

How about you?  Are you a ring person, too?


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  1. Denise says

    I am a ring person but I have more bracelets than rings. Hehe.. And would you believe, in my 34 years of existence, I only bought one kind of jewelry using my own money.. and what I bought was not even a ring? Haha!

    • says

      Hehe I think the reason why I was able to collect rings more than any other jewelries was that if you buy them on a per-piece basis, the ring would sometimes be the cheapest =)


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