Personalized Gift Tags

I got ourselves personalized gift tags from Printed Matters (Glorietta Branch), which I think is already cheap at P380.00 for a pack of 32 cards (that’s P12 / card).    Each gift tag measures approximately 2.5 inches (width) x 4 inches (length).

I love the sweet packaging.  Had I gotten these as gifts to friends last Christmas, I would’ve saved a lot from the gift boxes and tags.

I chose a simple, border-less design that shows only our names.   The font style is cursive (sorry I forgot what it’s called) and the font color is bordering on apple green.   They used a kromekote-like paper (not linen) but still I like how it looked.   Simple and refined.

As always, Printed Matters finished my order on time (2 weeks processing period) like they did with the personalized notebooks I got last December.

Can’t wait to use these with my artichoke wrappers!


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