Baguio Country Club

Last December I was in Baguio to attend a conference, and was able to enjoy the cold weather that it is popular for.  Although the coldest months there are really January and February, the December weather already kept me in my sweater for most of the day.

We visited Baguio Country Club where we had our lunch and to check out its surroundings.  The last time I was there was more than 5 years ago and the place hasn’t changed a bit.  The rooms are more modern now, but the super-good feeling of being there breathing pine tree-scented air and having their famous raisin bread with coffee remain to be priceless experiences that makes Baguio Country Club the top place to visit in Baguio.

Their Christmas Tree was very traditional, very apt for this resort hotel that values tradition and remains exclusively “for members”.     Yes, it’s a membership club – and the fee does not come cheap hehe.

Baguio Country Club is a haven for avid golfers – with its perfectly manicured golf course and clean, fresh air:

We enjoyed their raisin bread with coffee, and drooled over this strawberry pistachio cake!

I also saw this most amazing jewelry set at their little gift shop – a set of earrings and ring with rose-cut diamonds!   This antique diamond cut is really beautiful with asymmetrical cuts on top of the stone, instead of under.

It was a very relaxing afternoon spent at one of the country’s most prestigious membership clubs and I will definitely go back there, and again, and again – if only to have a taste of their freshly baked raisin bread.

Meantime, let me end this post with a sunrise picture I took from our hotel on the day we left for Manila.

How I wish I would wake up with this sight from my window everyday.  =)


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    hi Leah! HAPPY NEW YEAR! i can’t help but reply to your Baguio post since it is an annual tradition with our family to visit the city of Pines before Christmas or go there to celebrate Christmas. it has been 4 years now that I’m missing this tradition. i love Baguio, how everything is very relaxing and laid-back. 🙂

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      Happy New Year, Aleng (and Topher)! Am glad you liked my post =) I wish we could go back there (me and AJ) for some R&R too, and not work for me hehehe! Like you, my family used to go there too (back when me and my brother were still single) days before Christmas =) Baka nga nagkita pa tayo hehehe! We always stay at Hotel Veniz, which is very near Burnham Park. Nami-miss ko na nga yung Calamansi Pie dun sa O Mai Kan hehehe! Baguio will always be one of my favorite places – no matter how commercialized it looks now =P

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