Mark and Jolina’s Shabby Chic + Vintage + Colorful Wedding

I’ve been waiting for their wedding pictures for weeks!   Knowing Jolina’s colorful fashion accessories, I know that she will somehow channel her love of vibrant colors into her dream wedding.

The result was a combination of shabby chic + vintage + colorful garden wedding held at Splendido Golf and Country Club.   Mango Red did a superb job in covering their wedding, their pictures are all so perfect and the colors are all alive!

Here are some of the photos already available from Mango Red’s website:

Jolina designed her wedding gown (I love the puff sleeves!), which was executed by Larry Espinosa.   She also opted not to have the traditional bouquet and instead had this wand flowers made.   She still looked like the teenager from Ang TV!   So pretty!

Best wedding shoes ever!  Hehe!  Jolina wore wedges covered with lace flowers:

The flowers for the wedding and venue were from Teddy Manuel.

Shabby chic details + guests in colorful attires:

See more of Mark and Jolina’s wedding at Mango Red’s official website.

Congrats to newly-wed couple!


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