Our Personalized Notebooks are here!

Last Thursday, AJ picked up the personalized notebooks we ordered from Printed Matters about two weeks ago.   I was at work so I couldn’t come with him to pick them up.

There were 158 notebooks all in all (this does not count the additional 24 we ordered), and am happy to see them neatly arranged in paper bags when I saw them later in the evening:

Here are some of the actual notebooks that I’ve ordered.  I get to pick the design from Printed Matter’s vast catalogue:

I really liked the way Printed Matters handle our orders.   There were no mistakes and they delivered on time.  Kudos to Daisy and Helen of the Glorietta branch who are both friendly and efficient.  Daisy even texted me to confirm the date of our pick-up.   I have no problems in calling them up to make additional orders.

Oh, by the way, before you think that I have that many in my Christmas list, the 158 notebooks are split between me, my sis-in-law Juvvy and her cousin.   We pooled our orders together to avail of the bulk discount from Printed Matters   =)

I will wrap each notebook in a sinamay bag we bought in Quiapo (I found one at P12.00/bag) and will tie it with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

Christmas gifts for friends and officemates:  a BIG CHECK!


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