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I know this post is kinda off, but just to let you know, I sell my old books at eBay to be able to buy new titles hehe.

I love books but we don’t a library in which to store all of them in.   And with the rising prices of books today, I find it practical to re-sell those that I’m done with, especially since I’m not the type who will re-read a book again and again.   Lastly, I feel good whenever people find my books interesting and then buy them from me   =)

Here are some of the titles I’ve put on the selling block.   You might just find some of them interesting or maybe you have been looking for these titles for some time, just let me know  =)

1.  Coal: A Human History by Barbara Freese  (P 250.00; softbound) – this is a history of the coal business and how it has changed the world (not for the better, though).  I absolutely love Freese’s storytelling – very straight to the point, devoid of technical words and unnecessary info.

2.  The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue (P250.00; softbound) – the story in this book is very similar to Changeling, the movie topbilled by Angelina Jolie.  But this one’s better   =)     I got this one abroad; and as far as I know, it’s not available locally.

3.  Freddy and Fredericka by Mark Helprin (P250.00; hardbound) – a brilliantly refashioned fairy tale of a British royal couple, a delight to read!

4.  The Horrific Sufferings of Hercules Barefoot by Carl-Johan Vallgren (P120.00; softbound) –  if you are familiar with the story of the elephant man, then this fable about love and imperfections will interest you.    I wish they’ve turned this into a movie, there’s a very rich story in here.

5.    The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco (P180.00; softbound) –    fascinating, funny and full of historical mentions – very Umberto Eco!

I have more interesting books for sale at my eBay account.   Visit my shop here and start a bid on any of the books that interest you.      I ship all over the country, thru Air21 (the most efficient local courier, in my opinion).


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