Nice Gift Suggestions for Kids this Christmas

If you still haven’t started or finished your Christmas shopping yet, I have here some nice gift suggestions for kids that I saw in the malls during our long break.  They’re very cheap and are all cute but functional   =)

Stainless Steel lunchbox (P395.00).   Seen at the Anson’s in Makati (across Landmark).    Perfect for kids who are already in school.

Bathing essentials packaged in a cute backpack (P300.00) at S&R.   I like the crayon soaps – very cute!   Also included are 2 bottles of bubble baths with flavors juicy orange and crazy banana.  Cool!   Kids will love this!

Moisturizing Shampoo / Body Lotion / Body Wash with Disney Characters (P66.00 each) at American Bazaar (with branches at Waltermart and Cash and Carry).    A super nice find!  I love it that there are plenty of characters to choose from!

I hope to share with you more bargain finds as I shop for more of my Christmas gifts.   I took advantage of the long weekend break to check out the malls and it’s good timing too because there’s an end-of-month sale going on in most malls so I was able to complete already the gifts for my inaanaks (godchildren).

How about you?  What do you usually give to kids during Christmas?


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