Red Curtains

Our search for red curtains proved to be easy but challenging as well.

We only checked 2 stores:  Landmark and SM, both in Makati.  We found none we liked at the Landmark and found more SM, which happened to be on sale on the day we were looking for red curtains.

We narrowed our choices down to these 3 curtains, and had them placed alongside each other in a curtain rod.  This allowed us to compare the designs and shades easily.   It was very difficult to pick which one to buy because all were beautiful.

We ended up buying the one on the right because it’s something different. Our other curtain already has a damask design, so we were hesitant to get the one on the left.   The fabric on the middle was also very pretty but we don’t think it’s Christmas-y enough.  The last fabric has twirls as its design, which beautifully “sparkles” against the light.

Here are our red curtains, which completes the holiday look at our home.  The twirls are just so pretty.   They turn into dark red or maroon when the lights are turned off.  Cool!

We had the curtains cut, by the way because they’re so long and we don’t have tall windows in which to hang them.   The extra fabric will be used as our table cloth for the holidays.

If you are looking for red curtains, I suggest you check out SM – they have plenty of styles and shades to choose from.    They also have friendly staff which will gladly assist you, even if it means putting out all the red curtains available for you to check and make comparisons with.


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