Sunday Trip at Tagaytay (Part 2)

We made several stops at the main road going to Manila.   It’s not because of a car emergency or anything alarming, but because we could not resist checking out these items:

We don’t have a garden at home but I have a gut feel that the elusive ceramic garden stool I’ve been lusting after is somewhere in these big vases and pots.

The lady manager said that they have those but not in this “shop”.   She could send some of the ceramic stools over but not that day.   She even asked me to come back the following day as she would have the stocks by then.   That would not be possible, I said, since I live and work in Manila.  Maybe in our next visit to Tagaytay I could check again.

We left the shop and resumed our trip back home.   I was getting ready for my car nap when I saw something and asked AJ to stop the car.

I saw our ceramic garden stools!

Did you see them?   They’re all in white   =)    Here’s a closer look at them cute stools:

We inquired from the manong who runs the shop and learned that these stools are being sold at P4,500.00 each.   I only have P2,000.00 with me at that time so I haggled hard for that price.   I was not successful hehe!

We looked around his shop instead and saw more ceramic stools!   I was so happy!   It’s like finding a lost treasure.

Now I know where to find them.  I just have to save a bit more for them.  I’m thinking of getting two now, since these same, exact designs are being sold at eBay at over P7,500 each.

Btw, these ceramic stools are all imported from Vietnam and China.   We were told that there’s no locally produced one yet because we don’t have the proper equipment to make them.

There were also Chinese and oriental porcelains, perfect for those looking for authentic and not-over-the-top-expensive Asian home decors:

I love this wooden baul (camphor chest) with intricate floral design in capiz:

Although we didn’t get to buy anything, we were happy and fulfilled with our treasure finds at Tagaytay (oh, we also bought uncooked Japanese corns along the way), and we are looking forward to going back there soon to buy our ceramic garden stools  =)


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  1. Tin Uy says

    Hi Lea,

    Can I just say that I’m so blessed to have found your blog on these ceramic stools since I, too, have been looking for a cheaper alternative. May I ask though where is this garden shop located in Tagaytay?

    Many thanks & I look forward to more good finds from you. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Tin! You might want to try Uniwide Warehouse because I found the same garden stools there for just P690! Check my latest post here (

      About the Tagaytay shop, the manong who assisted as has no business card but just cruise along Aguinaldo Highway (the lane going to Manila) and the shop is on the right side of the road. This one you won’t miss because the ceramic garden stools on display are in full view from the main road.

      I hope this helps.


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