Sunday Trip at Tagaytay (Part 1)

AJ and I were at Tagaytay City last Sunday to attend a birthday party (more on this in my future post).   While there, we took the opportunity to do some little sight-seeing and window shopping!

We went to see the Taal Volcano (thank God, it’s not acting up again) before heading up to the birthday party and AJ took this photo of me outside Starbucks’ balcony area:

The Taal Volcano (made up of 3 craters) looks very serene and quiet here:

The birthday party ended at around 3 p.m. so we decided to check out the Mahogany Market.  There were fewer fruits in season, maybe because of the rainy season we have now.

We bought some bananas (selling at P35.00 / kilo).

Pineapples were everywhere, but we did not get any because we don’t know how to pick the sweet ones hehe.

Dried fish and seafood in very neat packaging:


Our next stop was Bag of Beans for their famous Tagaytay brewed coffee and some snacks.

White blooms surround the bamboo gates of the coffee shop.

It was kinda hot that day so we asked for an iced cafe latte.   It was so good!

My order:  Chicken Empanada  (it’s not spectacular and I wished there were more chicken chunks than potatoes to bite into)

AJ’s order:   Buttermilk Pancakes  (okey sana but it was crumbly)

There’ a single door leading to the comfort rooms of both ladies and gents.   The room has a Spanish colonial feel to it.   I’d love to stay here if there’s a bench or chair to sit in.

The little table below this antique mirror is actually an old sewing machine.

A lucky frog?   It’s cute, nonetheless.

Our afternoon coffee was so relaxing, we almost didn’t want to go home hehe.  But there’s work the following day so after enjoying another view of the Taal Lake from where we were sitting, we hit the road to Manila.

Our trip home took almost 2 hours because of the many road stops we made along the way.   Tomorrow I will tell and show you why.



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