Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dolls

I am not really liking these wedding dolls of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.   They don’t look like Prince William and Princess Catherine.  (photos from Duchess of Cambridge Style)

Moreover, the Princess Catherine or Kate doll has a bigger head which is not in proportion with her very thin neck, making it look like a bobble head.   Another disappointing thing for me was that the lace design in her balloon skirt was not there at all.  It could have added more value to the doll, especially if hand-sewn.

Lastly, why was her engagement ring a purple stone?  (photo credit: arklu)

But for the more serious collectors of William-Kate souvenirs, these dolls are definitely gems that must be bought at all cost.

A pair of dolls is priced at $159.95  and they are individually numbered since  production will be limited.

Check out arklu to order or to see more details of the royal couple’s dolls.


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