Bidding for a Longchamp Bag

I had just placed a bid on this authentic Longchamp Le Pliage medium-sized bag with short handle.   The color is in peacock blue.    

I hope I win it!   I haven’t owned a Longchamp bag yet and  I think I chose the best time to buy it because there are many sellers now of authentic Longchamp bags and we can shop for better prices.

How about you?  Do you have a Longchamp bag?  Or do you collect them?  I would love to hear from Longchamp collectors out there!

Photo credit:  I Want

UPDATE:  I won this bag yehey!   Check out my review here.    


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  1. Andrea says

    Hi, i’ve been following your blog and i’m also a w@wie like you.. anyways, i do collect longchamp bags and i am actually selling medium le pliage short handle in beige, avocado green and navy blue. My sister is a flight attendant kse. Let me know if you are interested.


  2. Bernadette says

    hi may i request can you post some photos of medium and large long handle. im confused bout the size though. =((


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