A new shop has opened at Hobbies of Asia and it calls itself a “cupcakery shop” because it sells cupcakes!   It’s called Ciocolato and yesterday I paid it a visit to see if it’s as delicious as those from Sophie’s Mom.

I bought the red velvet cupcake.  Price tag is P65.00 (while the same cupcake at Sophie’s Mom is only P50.00).

I like the packaging, I think it’s well-thought of:  tiffany blue boxes with transparent plastic at the top so you could see what kind of cupcake is inside.  They also have their own logo, which is very visible in the box:

Ciocolato’s Red Velvet Cupcake:

My comments:  the cheesecake frosting was spread too thin I wasn’t able to savor it much.   The cupcake is good – it has the right level of sweetness and is soft and  moist.   The cupcake size is kinda small so at P65.00, it is expensive.

My verdict:  for its price, you will expect a premium cupcake but it’s ordinary.  It’s not something I will go back to, sorry.

For premium red velvet cake cupcakes, get them from either Cupcakes by Sonja’s or Sophie’s Mom.


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  1. Yam Milan says

    I wish i have seen your article before i went to buy our cake there for valentine’s day. the design was so plain and the cake was just made of chiffon. it was not worth the trip over to the macapagal blvd (because they dont do delivery) and for the price of Php 1200. I could have gotten a better tasting cake for the same price at Conti’s. we just tried it out to see if Ciocolato offers a better tasting cake but we were so disappointed. We wont be recommending this to our family and friends.

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