Cath Kidston Spot Carry All Bag

I got a package today.

It’s one of the two bags I’ve been waiting for hehe.  The other one is the custom-made satchel bag, and this one is none other than my coveted Cath Kidston Spot Carry All Bag, bought at eBay!

My bag came with this shopping bag…

…and this cute “Thank You” card from the seller.  Nice!

The bag is just perfect for the rainy season we’re having right now.  It’s made of PVC coated cotton so it’s water-proof!   And the floral prints are just something I go crazy about.   It’s something old-fashioned and yet, very pleasing to look at.

It took me a while to find this exact design and print at a price I could afford.  So I hope my luck won’t run out and I’ll  find more bargain Cath Kidston products (original, authentic items) over at eBay.      Happy!


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