Food Post: Chef Laudico

I was so lucky to be in this special meeting last year which served sumptuous lunch especially made by Chef Laudico.  It was a sit-down meal, no less, and I felt what is it truly like to be VIP, hehe.

I’ve been wanting to post the food pictures (I was still using Blogger, back then) but  I can’t remember anymore the names of the food we ate.   Then last week, as I was cleaning up my office drawer, I saw the menu card that I kept!   Yey, better late than never!

Without much ado, here is the royal lunch I once had (and hopefully could have again):

For appetizer, we were served Kangkong and Kesong Puti Pinsec Frito served with Bagoong Dip, Spicy Pork Sisig stuffed in Crispy Rice Baskets topped with Chicaron with Quail Egg Shooter and Crispy Lumpia Cone filled with Chorizo, Prawns, Ubod topped with Spicy Vinegar Sorbet (whew!).

I forgot to take pictures of our soup, Seafood Sinigang Boullabaise, which was a gastronomic delight. 

Our salad also has a very long name (Mesclun Salad tossed in Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette topped with Dried, Green and Ripe Mangoes, Tomatoes, Kasuy Crusted Fresh White Cheese) and I remember liking the bagoong vinaigrette very much because it was distinctly Pinoy.  And oh, the presentation was so nice, I didn’t eat it right away.

For the main course we had both seafood and meat courses.

First to be served was the Torched Sous Vide style Norwegian Salmon in Dayap Escabeche Sauce served with Jasmine Rice and Vegetable Saute.

What followed was the Wagyu Beef Cheeks  in Red Wine Tomato Sauce with Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables layered with Rice Tutong Crisp, which was a bestseller among my office colleagues.

For dessert, we had Polenta Crusted Maja Blanca Cheese Cake with Coconut Tuille.   This was so, so good!   The Maja Blanca Cheese Cake was a unique recipe.  I wish I could have this again.

This was truly a memorable lunch for me, and too bad we weren’t able to get the chance to meet-and-greet Chef Laudico.   I would love to thank him personally for such a wonderful lunch. 


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