The Creamery (at SM MOA)

Now that my wedding’s done, we are now gearing up for my nephew’s 1st birthday this coming October.

I can’t believe that this little tot will have 250 guests (we only invited 150 guests during the wedding) but nonetheless, we’re all excited in planning for his first birthday!

I was tasked by my sis-in-law (who gifted us with our photo wall during the wedding) to check out the Creamery at Mall of Asia (MOA) as the potential venue for the birthday party.

The place is really nice, perfect for kiddie parties and will no longer require any styling as it was designed as a playground-restaurant for kids and their parents:

Kids will immediately be enticed with this train inside The Creamery which functions as the ice cream bar.

The eating area outside the restaurant (mall area)

The activity area (for the kids’ games) is located outside the mall (facing Manila Bay).  Notice the industrial fan near the entrance door.     It was past dinner time when we checked out the place and it was humid outside.   Not good for me.  

This is so cute.  It reminds me of Enchanted Kingdom.   It’s not really a bakery although they keep their desserts here (notice the big freezer at the right).

We tried some of the dishes at The Creamery to see if it will be appreciated by the adult guests:

Pork Liempo.  Probably the best menu in the house.  It was that greeeaaaat!   A bit overcooked in the picture but it doesn’t taste like one at all.

The Creamery’s burger is thick, yummy and has a very flavorful mayo-based dressing.   I will gladly order for this again.

I forgot the name of this beef dish but my sis-in-law liked it as well.  The serving size is big but this is a single order we don’t know if it will be the same for the buffet type.

For the pasta, we only liked their chorizo pasta.   The rest were either too sweet or too common in our palate.  Not good.

And for the dessert, you should not miss this banana fluffy sundae that they have, it is really good!

We will definitely go back there again even if it’s not chosen as the venue for my nephew’s kiddie party.   For 250 pax, it is a bit small.   But for the food alone, it is worth your money and your next visit. 

Just stay away from the pasta dishes (except the chorizo pasta) and you will enjoy your meal there.  And do order for the banana fluffy sundae (not really sure if this is the complete name) – it’s really yummy.

The Creamery is located at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA), inside the Selecta Kids Universe.

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    • says

      Hi Jozella! This is embarrassing but I can’t find anymore the list containing the party packages at The Creamery. I suggest you personally visit the place, they have friendly AEs there who would be more than glad to assist you =)

  1. Charisse C. says

    Had a bad experience with Creamery Catering. Food was fine but their cater waiters were caught stealing a guest’s iPhone. It doesn’t look like it was the first time they did it too. The phone was found without the case and sim card already.

  2. Charisse C. says

    I would like to warn everyone of The Creamery Catering. I had an event catered by them last February 3, 2015 at a function room of a private residential condominium.

    After 20 minutes of leaving the party, I realized I left my cellphone on one
    of the tables so I went back to retrieve the phone but it was gone. I
    initially asked my staff to look for it. They asked the caterers if
    they saw it while clearing dishes but all of them said that they did
    not. The well-trained condominium security team searched the venue as
    well as the equipment being packed up. One guard saw the phone hidden
    between the catering company’s stacked mono-bloc chairs. It was already
    at the underground level where the catering company’s staff was to load
    the used chairs and dishes in their truck. It was wrapped in a cloth
    napkin and devoid of its case and SIM card.

    The guard presented the evidence to me and told the catering staff that this was
    definitely no accident. After being threatened to be turned over to the
    police, two staff members admitted to taking the phone. One staff
    member admitted seeing the phone and giving the two the idea of taking
    it. They showed us where they threw the case. The case was found in a
    lower level fire exit. The SIM card was found in the trash by the
    condominium’s maintenance team.

    This does not seem like the first time they have done this. If it were not for the
    condominium’s security team and maintenance staff, we would have never
    found my phone. The security team head also commented that for the many
    times that they’ve had catered events in the condominium, this was the
    first time such a thing has ever happened.

    They may be affordable but what you save in cash you lose in the trustworthiness and integrity of their service.

    P.S. When we found the phone, I called their HR to report the incident. She
    had the gall to ask me if there was someone from the company who was
    with the guard when he found the phone – as if in protection of the

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