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Lately I’ve been watching more of TV5’s evening shows because they have fewer commercials in between. 

Last night, I saw Danita Paner acting out the "stigmata" episode in the life of Bianca Lapus in the show "Star Confessions".  Bad acting aside, the story is really interesting.   I didn’t know that Bianca Lapus (once married to Von Navarro), at one point in her life, had a stigmata which enabled her to heal some people but greatly affected her life.  It will later be dismissed by some as psychological imbalance on her part, which was also the reason why her marriage to Von Navarro was annulled.     

Now, I don’t how much of her story is true, but one thing for sure, TV5 shouldn’t have picked Danita Paner to play as Bianca Lapus because the two don’t have any near resemblance at all.

Bianca Lapus

Danita Paner (the actress who played as Bianca in TV5’s show)

Danita reminded me so much of Charice  instead, that I thought she could easily pass as Charice’s doppelganger. 

Aside from being physically alike, both also love to sing and dance.   Danita is a pop-rock singer while Charice is a belter.  The resemblance is just incredible.   But between the two, I think Danita is prettier but Charice is well, more popular because of her voice and charm.  

I hope Danita and Charice could do a concert together, some kind of a "Sisters’ Act" show even if they’re not related (?).  It’s going to be interesting, am sure!   They really look alike! 

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