Crepes & Cream’s Pistachio Ice Cream

I love pistachio ice cream.  That’s why we chose pistachio as the shade to complement the chocolate brown motif for the wedding.

This one is from Crepes & Cream which, for me, is better than Blue Bunny’s because it has more pistachio nuts (I love nuts!) and is not too sweet.

Unfortunately, our pistachio green shade is now beginning to look like apple green hehe.   I didn’t know it’s going to be difficult to find the perfect pistachio green color.  My wedding suppliers have varying ideas on how this color looks like.   I think it’s supposed to be in the same shade as mint green but on a lighter/darker side?

Anyway – whether our wedding items turn out to have apple green, celadon green or mint green shade – I’ll still insist they’re pistachio green,  haha!

Going back to my ice cream, a cup serving of Crepes & Cream ice cream costs P55 – which is already cheap considering that it’s a premium ice cream.

Hey, it’s not even summer (the weather doesn’t look like it) and all I could think of right now is pistachio ice cream!

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