The Hunt for our Bridal Registry

Scouting for a bridal registry proved to be fun for me and AJ.   We started looking for one this month and narrowed our choices into three:  (a) Rustan’s, (b) SM and (c) Landmark.

Our first stop was at Rustan’s Makati.  We immediately registered for their "Weddings and Beyond" Program and have started going over the checklist they have provided us.  However, we find the items at Rustan’s too price-y that the guests might choose not to buy there at all.    Although Rustan’s program boasts of many other benefits for the couple (superb bridal return policy for identical goods purchased, plus extended discount for the couple who wish to buy more items from Rustan’s months after their wedding), we decided to check out the other malls within the area. 

We went to the Landmark and there found many good items that we want and for the guests to choose from.   The downside with Landmark was that they do not have a gift return policy and there were only 2 branches for our guests to choose from:  Makati and Trinoma.

Our next stop was SM (Megamall Branch), visited a week after our trip in Makati) and checked their bridal registry program.   We liked the variety and affordability of their HomeWorld shop (too bad, the electronics and gadgets were not included!) and although they do not have the gift return program like Rustan’s, AJ and I figured that our guests will like the discount they will get if they will buy our gift from SM, plus they will get points for their SM Advantage Cards.

Moreover, SM has many branches and our guests can choose to buy either in Makati, Megamall, Las Pinas, MOA or North Edsa.

Not a bad deal!   So off we registered at SM and cancelled our registry at Rustan’s. 

We were able to get the registry cards at SM a week after, which turned out to be plain "calling card" size cards.

To ensure that our guests will see these in their invitations,  AJ and I turned them into mini-bookmarks.

Our materials:   yarn thread (in green hues) – P36.75, scissors – P19.50 and ticket puncher (to get really small holes for the registry cards) – P40.50.   All are from National Bookstore.


Here’s our finished products (after working on them for 30 minutes at Starbucks hehe):

Happy with our output, AJ and I rewarded ourselves with this yummy chocolate decadence cheesecake from Starbucks:

We’re now excited to distribute our invitations beginning end of March.  I am gearing myself up for lots of calligraphy works to be made as I want to personally hand-write the names of our guests in the invitations.   

To those looking for bridal registry, it’s best to start early also so you can check out all possible stores to register in.   At first we thought that our choice is limited to Rustan’s (because all the lovely items seem to be there) but we realized that we have to consider also the chosen gifts’ affordability and of course, if indeed we will need all those kitchen items.   

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