Trial Make-up with Chichi Sotomil

Chichi Sotomil was referred to me by my good friend and one of my ‘abay’, Chel.

Although we went to the same school back in college, we actually didn’t meet until I had my trial make-up with her last August 2010.

I opted to have a trial make-up with her first before booking her, even if I’ve seen her portfolio online and found all her previous brides on their best and ‘natural’ best during their weddings.    I was already impressed with the pictures online but to see is to believe, ika nga.

Like many of the brides out there, I am a fan of the “no-make-up look” and my not being a make-up junkie indeed  gave me jitters in choosing the HMUA for my wedding.   For how can I know if a particular HMUA will be able to enhance my features, sans the heavy powder and eye colors?   So I was really thankful to Chel for introducing to me Chichi.

I scheduled my trial make-up with her on the day AJ and I are to watch “Cats” at the PICC.  We traveled to her residence in Las Pinas (so that the fee will be lessened into half) and then have to travel back to Manila for “Cats”.     The ride was smooth and considering that we came from Makati, it was fast.

Chichi and I made chika for a while and then it was down to business.   My gad, I was amazed with the bigness and variety of the items in her make-up kit – so many colors and brushes and they all smelled great!   Just the smell alone already assured me that I am in good hands hehe!

Anyway, here’s my transformation after being made up for 2 hours by Chichi Sotomil (and Steph for my hair) hehe:

Why did it take 2 hours?   My eyebrows have to be shaped and my hair was not being cooperative that day hehe.

AJ loved how I look and said that he can’t wait to see me made up like this on our wedding.   But I asked Steph if we can have a more simple bun on the big day because I feel that I’m attending an awards night instead of a wedding with my up-do.

After watching the 7 pm play at the PICC, here’s my still glowing self ready for a late coffee at Pancake House:

Opps, sorry I have to wear my glasses here.  I can’t see a thing without them hehe!

I have resolved that a week before the wedding, I’m going to start wearing contact lenses again to familiarize my eyes with these ‘plastic’ glasses after giving up on them some 3 years ago.

As to how I felt after being made up, I felt that my confidence level was indeed high that night! (is that psychological?)   Although I was in casual clothes when we watched “Cats”, my look made me feel like I’m walking the red carpet hehe!

Can’t wait for Chichi to transform me again on my big day!


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