Pictures from the W@W Christmas Party

This post is kinda late but I do want to share the pictures taken during the W@W Christmas Party AJ and I attended in November last year.

I dunno if we will still be invited in the next Christmas Party because we would have been married by then, but I am glad just the same to have been part of this group’s Christmas Party which was all but sponsored by wedding suppliers, hence, the many freebies and over-flowing food for soon-to-wed couples!

AJ brought his friend’s DSLR camera and had a grand time taking pictures of the party’s details.

The Pergola.  Venue of the W@W Christmas Party.  Also our reception venue (that’s why we wanted so much to come as well so we could see how the place will be like come our wedding day).

Goodies from W@W.   I got a 2011 W@W Desktop Calendar, the W@W Unity Coin and cupcake (forgot already from which supplier this was from hehe).

Rejectkrew provided the lights and sounds for the venue.  Kuya Elmer did not disappoint the W@Wies as he lighted up the place beautifully.  

Cupcake Tower Cake.   My apologies again for failing to take note of who made this beautiful sweet thing.

Dinner that night was catered by Joshia’s.  We especially love the pesto and marinara pasta.

Sumptuous dessert bar, also from Joshia’s (?).

Thank you, W@W for organizing this very happy event.  AJ and I had fun trying out the food and meeting my W@Wie sisters!    We hope we can come again in the Christmas Party this year!

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