Starting Again

I’m not new to blogging.

I used to have an account at Blogger which ran for a year but the experience was not enjoyable for me. 


Because I set up a blog with the objective of earning something from it.   

So I wrote about things that interest me and things that don’t.   I did not get the readership needed to make it traffic-worthy and get the ads coming.  

It left me disappointed.  Frustrated even.   But I realized paid blogging is not my forte.

Still, I love to read blog entries from other people.   I am drawn to blogs that resemble personal journals.

So I decided maybe that’s the thing I’m looking for my own blog.

A personal journal.    It need not be a high-traffic, high-earning blog.   It’s just going to be my online diary / scrapbook where I am free to put what is on my mind, my thoughts, dreams and observations about everyday life.

Already, I could think of the many things I can write about.

I am excited!  This is it!   My own, personal blog.   It’s going to be about me and my life as I enter new chapters in my life. 


Own Home.



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